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About the Wedding Collective

A wedding directory doing things a little differently with a focus on excellence and personality in your wedding venues and vendors

We’re doing things a bit differently. Our founder, Josh Withers, was driven by a desire to create a wedding directory that's not focused on profits, but rather on showcasing the kind of exceptional professionals he’d personally want to work with at a wedding this weekend. That means this isn't just another pay-to-play listing. Every vendor and venue you see here has been hand-selected and vetted by Josh himself, emphasising not just talent, but also personality, sustainable business practices, high-quality customer experience, and a delightful customer journey.

Josh’s vision was to go beyond the surface-level accolades that often dominate the wedding industry—this isn’t about who has won the most awards or who can spend the most on advertising. It’s about creating a curated list of professionals who meet our rigorous standards for quality and integrity. These are individuals and businesses that not only excel in their field but also align with our core values, making them the kind of people you’d want to invite to your own wedding.

So, if you’re a wedding vendor or venue that feels you meet these criteria, we invite you to get in touch with Josh Withers. We're always interested in meeting professionals who are passionate about what they do and are committed to making weddings truly extraordinary.